There are understandably many factors to take into consideration when finding a property, especially if it’s your first home. The First Home Owners Grant is an option available to Victorians only until 30 June, 2020, and only with a limited number of Keysborough Townhouses eligible under this grant. If you’re embarking on your first property purchase and unsure what you are entitled to, let’s review the First Home Owners Grant and which Keysborough Townhouses still remain eligible under this financial entitlement for this very limited time.


What Are You Entitled To Under The First Home Owners Grant?

The First Home Owners Grant is there to assist first home buyers in getting into the market and buying their own home. The grant varies depending on the state you live in and the property type, with Keysborough Townhouse buyers entitled to the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant towards your home purchase, when satisfying the following eligibility criteria:


– Your new home must be $750,000 or less

– The property cannot be an investment property or holiday home

– You need to have signed a contract to purchase your new home before 30th June, 2020


The $10,000 First Home Owners Grant may be paid in addition to other exemptions or concessions, including pensioners. 

With Keysborough Townhouses now under construction and in the final stages of sales, don’t miss out on this grant and financial boost to purchase a premium-design townhouse in one of Melbourne’s highest growth suburbs.


Only 21 Keysborough Townhouses Remain Available Under The First Home Buyers Grant

There are currently only 21 homes remaining available at Keysborough Townhouses that are eligible for the First Home Owners Grant, and the window to purchase is closing in. Spread across the beautiful, green Keysborough Townhouses estate, these remaining 21 homes are:


– 10 x 3 Bedroom Townhouses 

– 11 x 2 Bedroom Townhouses


These homes sit below the $750,000 price point and feature modern amenities, private gardens, and premium appliances and fittings. Unlike other developments, each Keysborough Townhouses floorplan is unique to its neighbour either in orientation, colour or size. Secure your first home in a place that honours community and nature, in a thriving South-East Melbourne suburb.


The Next Steps To Securing Your First Home

Our dedicated Keysborough Townhouses sales agents are available to help you with the First Home Owners Grant and assist with the due processes. Discover the 21 remaining homes remaining available under this entitlement, and find the right design and flow that suits the lifestyle you want to enjoy in your first home. Our onsite Display Suite features a bathroom, kitchen and living space, allowing first home buyers to experience the look and feel of these townhouses. 


Organise a discovery call with our sales agents today or visit the Display Suite for a private appointment to buy your first home with the help of the First Home Owners Grant. Our Display Suite is open from 11am-5pm daily. Call 1300 031 918 or email