The announcement of a new Federal Government grant is imminent and it has been pleasing to see more people making appointments with us at our Display Suite this week to walk through options for their first home. We are expecting to see new grant entitlements released from the federal government from this week onwards, once again incentivising the purchasing of new build homes and further supporting the benefit of buying a new Keysborough Townhouse.

Many of the people we are talking to at the display suite are first home buyer young couples and families who are evaluating the benefits of a 3 bedroom townhouse at Keysborough Townhouses vs an established home in less convenient locations or outside the high growth suburb of Keysborough. Of course, weighing up all the pros and cons can be difficult, so we have spoken to our experienced sales agents and assessed the Keysborough suburb’s growth and performance to bring you our top 5 advantages of buying an Keysborough Townhouse vs an Established Home.


1. New architecturally designed townhouse customised to your style

All of us have an innate desire to create a home for ourselves that reflects who we are and meets our lifestyle and family needs. When you choose an Keysborough townhouse, you are the first to live in that property and experience that ‘brand new’ feeling. Comparatively, buying an established home means you are one of many who have lived and adapted a home, and will most likely need to improve or renovate up front which can be as costly as it is time-consuming.

Our Keysborough Townhouses community members look forward to moving into their beautiful townhouse homes, which has been constructed with the customised design options they like. With no need to make more room, repurpose spaces or start imminent construction, you can instead simply start life in a brand new, bespoke home.


2. Location, location, location

Keysborough is in a period of rapid growth, and your new Keysborough Townhouse is located at the centre of this new activity, giving you close access to a number of shopping centres, schools, childcare centres and amenities on your doorstep. You need only look at the continuous unveiling of new stores and amenities to know that many are investing in this prime location. Established homes in the surrounding areas might not have the same advantageous location or suburb, and also may not enjoy the same growth and conveniences that the Keysborough Townhouse community will see. Location is not something you can change and so it is important to understand the market you are buying into as even within suburbs, there are higher growth spots than others.


3. Savings in Stamp Duty & Access to Grants

There are not only lifestyle benefits to choosing a new Keysborough Townhouse but also financial entitlements. The First Home Buyers Grant was an incredibly successful program state-wide, and there are still six townhouses that qualify for this grant, with first home buyers having access to $10,000 to put towards a new home purchase. With the new grants and entitlements likely to be released very soon, the proposition to buy new has never been more attractive. This is on top of stamp duty savings that are part of the process of buying a new home off the plan. By buying an established home, the same financial incentives are not extended, with first home buyers having to save more to reach their goal figure.


4. Affordable living with a low-cost land component

The idea of a very low-cost land component might be a foreign idea with Melbourne’s property prices, however, buying a new townhouse with a sizeable land component is actually a much more affordable option. This is what you are buying when you purchase your new home at Keysborough Townhouses. Comparatively, an established home generally comes with an overall higher ongoing maintenance cost due to the age of the property. More often than not, these maintenance requirements are not always clear when purchasing, so buyers might be up for significant maintenance spend at any time.


5. Building and structural guarantees

Having a level of guarantee over the quality of your home’s build is important. It is often hard to know when you buy an established home who built your home and any extensions or developments that may have been added. Often building and structural plans are not available.. Our Keysborough Townhouse are in the hands of reputable builders at Johns Lyng Group and developers Salter Brothers with a focus on quality. With construction commencing on time in 2020, our Keysborough Townhouses community will experience watching their homes being built in the near future, with dedication and care and on handover, will obtain a structural warranty. When it comes to an established home, there is no structural warranty for a property older than 6.5 years, which is something buyers are not always aware of.


There are many advantages, and we’ve just highlighted a few here, but if you’d like to understand further the benefits of buying a brand new 3 bedroom townhouse at Keysborough Townhouses, you may wish to visit our Display Suite at 452 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough and experience these new homes for yourself. Call 1300 031 918 to make a private appointment, for any day of the week.