Keysborough has earned its place high on the list for young and established families looking to make a home close to a plethora of quality primary schools. Whether you are looking for an intimate learning experience, a newly built school, or a well-recognised institution – you will find it here in Keysborough, with Keysborough Townhouses location at the centre. Over the coming decade, family households will increase by 44% in Keysborough*, which is why we are seeing the arrival of new schools, amenities and shopping precincts to support the strong growth Keysborough is experiencing now and building for in the future.

As our Keysborough Townhouses community continues to grow, attracting many young couples and families, we’ve highlighted a selection of primary schools here that are part of what attracts Melbourne residents to the South-East, and to the opportunity and lifestyle that our Keysborough Townhouses offer.


Keysborough Gardens Primary School

3.5km drive, 2.8km walk from Keysborough Townhouses

Starting with the newest school to the community is Keysborough Gardens Primary School*, in its first year of operation. Keysborough Gardens Primary School was built as a response to enrolment pressures and future demand of Keysborough’s growing population, but it’s become a beautiful addition to the area, recognised as a winner of the Minister’s Award for Excellence at the 2019 Victorian School Design Awards. The primary school has really spoken to parents due to the natural play areas, generous sports field and dedicated performing arts and physical education buildings which are not always seen in primary schools. The school has a population of 500 (expected 800 in 2021), years P – 6.

The core values of Keysborough Gardens Primary School are kindness, empathy, gratitude, respect and excellence. These values are woven into the modern, blended curriculum which also includes emerging areas of education including health, wellbeing and complementing technology. Families moving to Keysborough can feel a part of the founding direction of this school, and be part of modelling a warm school environment. Click here for a virtual tour.


Chandler Park Primary School

3.1km drive, 3.0km walk from Keysborough Townhouses

Chandler Park Primary School* is one that you might have seen on, and other forums highlighting schools dedicated to achieving excellence. The primary school has an

advanced curriculum and offers students the opportunity to partake in learning programs such as Mandarin, Visual Arts, Science and Music (in addition to basic foundational learning outcomes). The school has a population of 500, years P – 6, and there is 48 teaching staff to teach and support this population. Amongst these teaching professionals are learning specialists, specialist teachers, speech pathologists and an occupational therapist.

The core values of Chandler Park Primary School are collaboration, respect, resilience and innovative learning. The primary school has worked hard to integrate technology (iPads etc) into the curriculum, while still enforcing usage limitations and not adopting unnecessary technology in the classroom. As you would expect in a long-established school such as this, community events and planning run frequently, with consistent buy-in from parents and students welcomed and implemented. The school has also invested in a sophisticated Before and After school care that is run by an independent care entity, while also putting on a free breakfast club each morning for students to enjoy and socialise.


Resurrection Primary School

1.9km drive, 1.6km walk from Keysborough Townhouses

Keysborough Townhouses is also close to a number of Christian primary schools, with Resurrection Primary School offering a welcoming environment for all. Religious education is woven into the community fabric of this school, as well as the modern curriculum which includes digital education and the emerging education styles such as inquiry-based learning. For many parents, it’s the Farm 2 Table opportunity that is a point of difference for Resurrection Primary School, with students learning about fresh food through education about farming, preparation and the food we eat. Nutrition is often an overlooked education opportunity, and the Farm 2 Table learning outcomes are promoted to encourage the use of healthy seasonal fruit and vegetables through gardening, cooking and eating, as well as celebrating an array of cultures and their cuisines.

When enrolling in Resurrection Primary School, you are entering into a Parish that celebrates and socialises regularly throughout the year, with many of the activities designed to serve the community and build empathy and compassion in its young students. The school has a population of 560 students, years 1 – 6. Click here for a virtual tour.


Keysborough Primary School

2.7km drive, 1.9km walk from Keysborough Townhouses

Keysborough Primary School is a fantastic all-rounder school, with a mission to arm their students with mental and academic skills for future education and success. In 2012,

Keysborough Primary School moved from its first location to where it is now, upgrading to a modern building with enhanced facilities to support the strong enrollment this primary school receives. Whether your child is partial to the arts, an avid reader or early researcher – the blended curriculum will support growth in any direction, with teamwork and learning outcomes at the centre of the educational experience. The school has a population of 510-530, years P – 6.

Leadership isn’t just taught at Keysborough Primary School, but it is an active part of the school experienced. Keysborough Primary School has school captains, student class representatives, Digitech student leaders, welfare student leaders and house captains elected and guiding engagement from a student level. These methodologies have garnered external success, with the primary school recently recognised for excellence in mathematics education, representing the top 10% for all schools in Australia.



*Keysborough Townhouses is zoned to Keysborough Primary School so these schools (Keysborough Gardens and Chandler Park Primary School) are available to residents of Keysborough Townhouses whose children have attended these schools previously and thus, will continue on.




This is just four of the many primary schools in close proximity to Keysborough Townhouses , as well as the many secondary education options that are in similar supply and quality, including renowned Haileybury College.

There are many decisions for young families to make when finding the right community, and primary school supply and quality is high on that list. If you would like to discuss the growth of Keysborough with our experienced, local sales agent, Julie Brooks, we invite you to make a private appointment at the Keysborough Townhouses Display Suite to find out more or call 1300 031 918 or email

We look forward to welcoming your family.