The kitchen is often at the centre of family life. It’s a place for conversation, interaction and of course, cooking for friends and family. So not surprisingly, the Keysborough Townhouses kitchen is one of the first spaces discussed between prospective buyers and our knowledgeable agent, Julie Brooks at our display suite. Given its importance, our team of architects and interior designers have spent a lot of time perfecting the Keysborough Townhouses kitchen as an inspiring and welcoming space so if you, like many, believe that the kitchen is the soul of the home, you’ll be delighted. Let’s take a deeper look at the kitchens in Keysborough Townhouses’ 3Bedroom townhouses.


SMEG Appliances; stylish, energy-efficient and with personality

Each Keysborough Townhouses kitchen includes an all-Smeg appliance fit-out with a striking black finish. Italian designed and made, Smeg appliances are amongst the most well recognised European brands and with their A+ energy efficiency rating, unique optimum isothermic properties, and their impressive collection of appliance awards that honour design, functionality and quality, these appliances were an obvious choice for Keysborough Townhouses.

With over 65 years in the business, Smeg has continued to fine-tune its offering and is proud to stand behind their green initiatives that centre around responsible design and sustainable production, giving homeowners the peace of mind that their appliances are engineered for energy efficiency and sustainability.


Premium surfaces and materials

Complementing your Smeg collection of appliances, we’re pleased to be able to offer buyers a choice in the colours, materials and surfaces for their home, allowing for a kitchen that is tailored to each buyer’s preferences. Visiting the Keysborough Townhouses Display Suite at 452 Cheltenham Road will include a walkthrough of the kitchen space to understand the look and feel, with design boards on hand featuring alternate colours and surfaces. This ‘touch and feel’ experience can have you holding colour boards against benches, offsetting the fixtures and finishes of your new kitchen. Having a say in the colours and finishes of the kitchen you will call home is an important part of the Keysborough Townhouses buying experience so that you are happy with the space you have helped craft.


Connection and flow

Newly built homes have the benefit of leveraging an open-plan design and providing an inviting communal space for family, and this is certainly the lifestyle experience afforded with Keysborough Townhouses. The Keysborough Townhouses kitchens in the 3Bedroom townhouses are generous in size, offering island benches and also more than enough space for a dining area between kitchen and lounge areas.

As recently highlighted by an experienced agent, Julie Brook’s Q&A, Keysborough Townhouses’s Styles D and E have received a lot of interest from buyers, with their unique floorplan designs and kitchen spaces leading to an open, generous-sized courtyard, providing the perfect inside-outside entertaining space. Buyers are encouraged to make contact with our knowledgeable agents to explore the remaining Keysborough Townhouses floorplan designs, to understand the flow of their kitchen space and the connection it has with the rest of the home.



Whether you are looking for a home to raise a young family or are looking to downsize, the kitchen and flow of your living space is a very important consideration so please, contact our Keysborough Townhouses team today on 1300 031 918 or email Alternatively, our Keysborough Townhouses Display Suite is open every day between 11am and 5pm, so you can come and explore the kitchen space for yourself.