When you are part of a young growing family, there are many firsts to look forward to. First laugh, first steps, and then the anticipated first day of child care. As any parent will tell you, there is a comprehensive criterion that must be satisfied when selecting a child care provider, and Keysborough is fortunate enough to have many quality options within a stone’s throw from Keysborough Townhouses. Offering parents the convenience of proximity, mixed-age centres and stimulating environments, let’s get to know some of the child care centres that could become a much-loved space for your little one.


Bluebird Early Education, Keysborough
446 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough (100m from Keysborough Townhouses)

The Bluebird (Oxanda) name carries a lot of currency with families, known as a revered child care option that employs highly experienced carers who implement a holistic early learning program. The newly built Bluebird Early Education centre will open in mid-2020, bringing with it the same sense of personality and playful curriculum that it already offers its large community across Australia. The centre offers pre-school, kindergarten and school-readiness programs which include the critical building blocks of literacy, social skills and numeracy. Bluebird Early Education has also rolled out a popular Parent App, which communicates milestones and photos of a child’s learning journey. That aside, chances are your little one will instead be sold on the mud pit, interactive cooking classes and community excursions which are designed to enhance feelings of security and belonging in these early stages of life.


Great Beginnings, Keysborough
362 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough (1.2km from Keysborough Townhouses)

As the name suggests, Great Beginnings have provided families and children with a brilliant start to the educational journey from six weeks to six years. This modern centre is a colourful and tactile environment, with a large outdoor space that includes a sandpit, water play area and veggie garden, allowing for freedom of movement and play each day. Great Beginnings also boasts a cutting edge sustainability program, where children contribute to the care and growth of their natural habitat. Parents will also be pleased to learn that the daily menu is filled with culturally diverse meals and snacks prepared by an in-house chef, catering to all dietary requirements. The experienced bilingual educators facilitate an interactive experience each day, incorporating touch learning tablets and smart whiteboards while balancing physical activity. 


Little Beginnings Early Learning Centre
574 Springvale Road, Springvale South (1.9km from Keysborough Townhouses)

Now in its 20th year of operation, Little Beginnings Early Learning Centre is a family-owned and run business, and this approach is felt by all members of this inclusive community. The centre is made up of four rooms; nursery, toddler, pre-kinder and kinder. With dedicated carers in each room with separate and communal public spaces, this is an environment where children thrive, with translation services available in up to seven languages with all cultures celebrated regularly on ‘Cultural Day’. Individuality is encouraged at Little Beginnings, with the modern rooms offering an ideal environment to let curiosities grow and friendships develop. The centre also has a dedicated chef who prepares fresh meals daily, catering to all cultures and lifestyle preferences. With an ever-evolving curriculum, expect your little one to partake in group time, name writing, music, dancing and public speaking. 


Keysborough South Community Hub, Keysborough
62 Chapel Road, Keysborough (1.4km from Keysborough Townhouses)

Many years in the making, the Greater Dandenong Council has selected Tatterson Park to be the location of the Keysborough South Community Hub, which will commence in 2020. Tatterson Park is an established area in the community complete with a dog park and playground, and will soon open its doors as a space that offers kindergarten rooms, child care rooms, maternal and child health consulting suites, and additional outdoor play spaces. These two newly built child care spaces will be able to accommodate 30 children in each, with direct access to external and sheltered areas. It is also proposed that space will have a dual function for community use, facilitating playgroups and mother’s groups outside the hours of child care. 


The Keysborough Townhouses community is truly fortunate to have a number of fine child care options right on its doorstep. Although it doesn’t end there, as Keysborough Townhouses is designed to grow with your family and has award-winning schooling within the catchment for the years ahead. 

If you would like to learn more about the many child care centres available to the Keysborough community, our friendly sales agents are available to discuss your needs. Call 1300 031 918 or email team@keysboroughtownhouses.com.au to join our growing community.