Townhouses —Keysborough Townhouses by Salter Brothers

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Bruce Henderson Architects have crafted homes with harmonious interior and exterior features – all fabricated in materials set to last through weather and time. Skylights and clerestory windows flood living spaces with natural light, while rainwater collection helps achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

The townhouses are designed to differ from each other in scale, orientation and colour scheme, while sharing classic architectural features such as raked ceilings. Each townhouse makes up a neighbourhood where diverse communities can connect and coexist.

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Landscape Design

Natural spaces where communities thrive are a crucial part of the Keysborough Townhouses landscape. Keysborough Townhouses Park is both a retreat and a space to grow and play. Here, children, friends and neighbours can come together, while private gardens in each townhouse offer space to relax and recharge.

In line with the lush, green Keysborough setting, Tract Landscape Architects have designed a façade of striking native trees and shrubs, while landscaped streets make up a safe, accessible pedestrian network. At Keysborough Townhouses, an authentic life is realised in natural surrounds.

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